The minimum order quantity is 25. We do not process orders under that quantity.
We are located at 146 Wyndham Street North, Rear Unit 2. Essentially right across the street from Diana's downtown. Finding us can be a bit tricky - if you are staring at 146 Wyndham Street North, alongside the left of the building there is an alleyway. We are the last three windows on that side, and our entrance is alongside the back beside the powerbox. We are a small print shop and we are available by appointment only. Our workload decides how long we are in the studio each week so we are not always around, let us know when you want to swing by and we will make sure we're there!
You are welcome to bring your own garments, we always prefer to supply them though. Garments brought in by clients are subject to a 1% (to the nearest full piece) garment misprint allowance because printing is art and mistakes do happen, we cannot guarantee a flawless run.

**Pricing is different on customer supplied blanks**
Our turnaround time is 12 business days, we are usually quicker than that. The timer starts from the minute we have your deposit, artwork, and confirmed mockup and not a second earlier. Please let us know of any deadlines you have for your order, as soon as you can. More information is always better for us!
We do not offer a full sponsorship program, but we are happy to give 10% off of your order in exchange for a logo placement on the tee and a social media shoutout! Ask us about it, we can work something out!
Total Per Piece Price = Garment Price + Printing Price

Printing is priced out on a per colour, per location basis and charged per piece.
Garment prices are anywhere between $5.00 and $40.00. We have a large range of products available, and we like to make sure you get exactly what you want. We have different tiers of all different kinds of garments. Let's talk about your project in our first Email
Absolutely, we allow garment switches and ink colour switches mid run. This means that you can do an order of half white, and half black tees for a cost of only $12.00 extra. You can run the same logo on hoodies, that you ran on tshirts for an extra $12.00 one time, as well!

Normal printing prices apply, colour / garment mixing fees are an extra one time fee.
A setup fee is the cost for setting up our printing press. This costs money because it is the longest part of our process. We have to shoot screens, process your artwork, and register everything on press. The beauty of this fee is that it's discounted as your quantities increase, if we could make it free we would!
Currently, we do not offer discharge printing and we rarely do water-based orders. We are currently a plastisol shop, and we like to stick to what we know. The equipment in our studio isn't setup properly for discharge printing, although in the near future it will be. The water-based orders we do accept are very select, they have to be done a certain way and certain jobs do not allow for that. We are always happy to talk about it with you, and we can make sure that if we can print it with WB instead of plastisol for that fine feel, we will!
Absolutely we do! We can work with you to offer you a discount of around 10% depending on the order. Every order is a little bit different but most times we have room to take a bit off the top for your second order.

A full order is required to see a discount, we will not offer discounts on re-orders of garments under a full order. A re-order is the exact same order you placed, in full.
We can and would prefer to, actually. We like to make sure that all our clients are pleasantly taken care of as far as colour matching, pantones or as close as our stock colours will get us to the exact design you send us. We will not simplify your designs. We've got 6 heads on our printing press, we love using them all.
We prefer everything to be sent in a vector format, over a raster file. Things that can be opened in Adobe Illustrator make for the best results in print.
.AI or .EPS or .PDF
Raster based files should be bigger than you intend on having them printed to prevent blurriness and pixelation, 300DPI is always preferred in all file types.
We print on absolutely everything. We do not have one in house shirt style we use. We are obssesed with idea of printing on a perfect garment for every project, and we will talk to you about that. We have garments that cost $5 and we have garments that cost $50. It's all about what you want, how much you want to spend, what you're going to use the product for, how many times you're going to wear it, and who is going to wear it. There is a bunch of different reasons for every kind of garment. We will make sure to find the perfect match for your project.
Our wholesale licenses give us access to thousands of different garments and products. We can print on all sorts of things, and that doesn't mean just clothes. We print on promotional products, such as koozies and tote bags too. Do you have something you want printed and you're not sure if we can do it? Send us an email. Chances are we have an example to show you, or we can talk about being our first customer of the product! We love trying new things.
We have options for every single one of those categories. We are huge on eco-friendly, sweatshop free, and fair trade products so make sure if thats what you're after you let us know. We've got a nice list for you to choose from!
Garments are sold to us by a large scale supplier and only have changed prices after Extra Large. 2XL and up will cost you more per piece but when you're building an order there is no extra charge for garments all the way to XL. We can build you the perfect sizing arrangement, talk to us about it.